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Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Removal Surgery

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Many people getting tatto done, get irritated after some time and wish to have it removed. But they are also worried about the removal process. Hence for them , we have compiled some questions for all those who are interested in getting a tattoo removal surgery done:

How do lasers remove a tattoo?

Lasers emit a special kind of wavelength of light energy on the tattoo to break the link in small pieces. The laser transfers the energy to the tattoo in a very accurate beam which minimizes the risk of injury to the skin. The ink then gets broken in many small particles.

In how many sittings will the tattoo removal process complete?

Laser tattoo removal surgery is done in many sessions. The number depends upon many things listed below:

Age -Experts are of the view that the older the tattoo gets, it is easier to remove it.

Color – In case you have tattoos in colors of red and black, then you are lucky enough because the tattoo removal process is going to be easy for you. In case you have it in colors of Blue and green, then it will be a bit difficult for the tattoos to be removed and also require more sessions for removal.

Placement– The placing of the tattoo also affects the removal. If it is placed away from the heart, then the tattoo is slow to be taken out.

Thickness – thick tattoos are very slow or difficult to be taken out then those which are thin.

What is the cost of the tattoo removal process?

Laser tattoo removal cost can vary on the location, doctors, clinic, size of the tattoo, along with the colors used.

How much does it pain?

Experiencing slight pain or discomfort is but natural. But, it subsides on its own, hence nothing to worry about. The process is also known as the sensation of a rubber loop, which has been splintered against the skin.

These methods are restored to when other methods are of no use.

Tattoo removal surgery cost

Tattoo removal surgery cost has different ranges. The ranges depend upon the type of tattoo, the surgeon, if he is a new surgeon, location.

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