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Frequently Asked Questions About Mesotherapy

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    What is mesotherapy technique?

    Mesotherapy is the technique which is designed to infuse the injections of vitamins, hormones, and enzymes in order to tighten the skin and to remove the excess skin. This technique is of two types such as traditional mesotherapy and needle-free mesotherapy technique. The traditional technique is explained as a homeopathic medication method in which your doctor will inject some type of injection into your skin in order to treat it. Whereas needle-free technique is additionally known as an injection-free treatment which is performed by electrophoresis without needles.

    Why the mesotherapy is performed?

    Mesotherapy is used to treat many health conditions such as the removal of excess skin or fat and useful to rejuvenate the skin. This technique is additionally useful to break down the normal fat under the chin and around the waist. This technique is useful to improve your overall appearance. Moreover, this mesotherapy treatment is the mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid, which are used to stimulate the drainage.  Many people take this treatment in order to remove wrinkles at an early age.

    How much time it will take for recovery?

    This procedure does not have any side effects and complications. Additionally, this technique does not have much recovery time you can easily go back to a normal routine within a day after the procedure is done.

    Are there any risks and complications of this Mesotherapy technique?

    No, there are no side effects, risks, and complications of this process because it is a totally safe and secure method to rejuvenate the skin. Moreover, these injections are made of a natural substance that cannot lead to any allergy and infections.

    What are the advantages of this mesotherapy technique?

    This therapy is totally safe and secure because this technique is totally based on the natural substances which do not create any complication. Moreover, this treatment does not cause any allergy and infection on your skin and around the treated area. Additionally, this procedure requires less recovery time such as only a single day after the treatment.

    What is the cost of mesotherapy?

    The cost of the treatment and the surgeon will depend on the ingredients used and on the skin type you have. Most-probably the cost of this treatment is varying according to the area to be treated. Moreover, the cost of the mesotherapy is affordable because it is a totally safe and non-surgical procedure. The cost of this procedure in India lies between the Rs.2500 and Rs.5000 according to the surgeon’s ability.

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