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FAQ About Tummy Tuck Recovery Period

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    • When I Can Go Back To My Normal Routine After The Surgery?

    There is no specific answer as it varies from patient to patient. After the surgery, the patient is given medication to get relief from pain and discomfort. The patient feels discomfort for a few days after the surgery. Additionally, you have to do very limited activity for the first 2 to 3 weeks. You can go back to your normal activity or job in a couple of weeks. But, the doctor advises the patient to avoid lifting and straining for one month. You can go back to the gym or your exercise routine after 6 weeks.

    • Are the results permanent?

    Absolutely the results are permanent but as long as you keep your weight stable. Tummy tuck surgery is like a ‘once and done’ procedure and there is no need to repeat it again. No doubt, as you age the skin will become different but it will not get loose the way it was before you got the surgery of tummy tuck.

    • Is There Pain After The Surgery?

    With the advancement in technology and technique, there are different ways in which the pain can be controlled. Firstly, the pain pumps came which is a device that pushes local anesthesia into the are of surgery. This method is still used not as it requires a long tube to come out from the skin, so there are other options which are also preferred. Recently, long-lasting local anesthesia has been developed which can control the pain up to 3 days and it does not require a tube. Using the right method of pain control will make the entire recovery process very fast. The patient can also get back to their normal working routine more easily and fast.

    • Which Product Can Help To Get Rid Of Scar?

    During the surgery, the patient gets two scars around the belly button and other below it. For complete one year the scar is there and gradually they will fade away. You have to protect them from direct sunlight, so you should apply sunscreen. You can also use a silicon pad or silicon cream. Keep in mind that it is better that you keep in touch with your surgeon and consider his recommendation properly.

    • For How Long The Swelling Last After The Surgery?

    For a couple of months, you will have swelling and it will be slightly uncomfortable also. During the initial period, drains are placed under the abdomen to collect the excess fluid and relieve pressure, which helps in getting comfort also. However, they are removed after one week. After that, it is essential that you follow the instruction properly so that the healing process is fast and the results will be effective also.

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