What are the factors which will affect the hair restoration surgery cost?

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What are the factors which will affect the hair restoration surgery cost?

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    So, you have stumbled upon this page, then it means that you are planning to get the hair transplant treatment. No surprise, why would you choose to get this treatment? Hair Transplant in Punjab has got huge attention among the people who are struggling with hair loss and baldness. No doubt, the Hair Transplant Cost is also economical in India as compared to other developed nations. On average, the cost of a hair transplant in India begins from Rs 40,000 or it can go higher than that, depending on how many grafts you need. The skills and experience of the doctor will make a huge difference in the treatment outcome and after 8 to 12 months of waiting you will be able to see the natural-looking hair.

    FUE hair transplant

    Like if your doctor has suggested you get an FUE hair transplant, then first of all he is going to consider all your requirements and then come up with a custom-made solution. In addition, he is going to suggest to you the treatment option which suits your needs.

    The type of technique the hair doctor is choosing will add up to the treatment total cost. In case you need the 2500 hair grafts, then the duration to perform the surgery will be different for every person.

    What if I have insufficient hair on the scalp?

    Sometimes, the patient has an insufficient amount of scalp. So does it mean the treatment is not possible? In such a case, the doctor will take the hair grafts from the body parts to effectively transplant them to the problematic part.

    What are the factors which lead to hair loss?

    Sometimes the hair loss is so extreme that people start losing their self-confidence. No doubt, there are different factors for the same, like hormonal imbalance, pollution, family history, pollution, and an inactive lifestyle. All these can lead to baldness and your extent of baldness will increase the total count of grafts you need. This way the cost factor will vary from person to person.

    Do expertise and skills make a difference in treatment costs?

    No doubt, be it a surgical procedure or non-surgical procedure your focus only and only would be to trust the best. The best results are only possible when you hire an experienced and trained doctor. If you are in search of a hair transplant doctor then always make sure that you choose who is best and they should be properly trained with the latest technology & technique.

    Can I get a hair transplant at any age?

    No doubt, you can choose to undergo hair transplant treatment at any age. But, it is better that you choose to get the surgery only when you are 25. By this age, the hair loss pattern is completely made and in the future, there will be no further hair loss. Otherwise, you need to spend your money again and again on getting the hair transplant session.

    If you are in a dilemma about what to do next or have any concerns regarding the treatment, then book your initial consultation with our doctor right away.

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