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Eyebrow Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is eyebrow transplantation in simple terms?

    The process is very similar to a hair transplant. The hair is taken from the back of the neck or head and then planted to the desired area.

    How long is the process of eyebrow transplantation?

    The eyebrow transplant process takes around 5 to 6 hours to complete. Having large grafting areas which are more than  600 follicles take more time.

    Where does the surgeon take hair from in doing the transplant?

    Mostly the hair is taken from the donor site( back or sides of neck). Hair has to be shaven before the transplant. The shaving takes place in the doctor’s office only, before the transplant. Many women can cover the shaved area with their hair.

    Does the area from which hair is taken become bald?

    No, the area does not become bald. The hair taken out for transplant is very less.

    How do surgeons come to know of the eyebrow shape to make with transplanted hair?  

    The surgeon asks people to get pictures of the younger days of their lives and show to the surgeon. This helps the surgeon very much. While on the day of the transplant, the shape of the eyebrow is drawn and shown to the patient to be checked by them. In case the patient is not sure of what shape they desire from transplant then celebrities, make up artists are called for clearing their doubts.

    Does the process have any risks?

    It is a very safe process to be done. There is no fear of any infection. A little bit of swelling might be there, but even that goes away in a few days time. The process is painless and the patient does not feel even slight discomfort.

    Will I fall asleep during the process?

    No, patients are awake during the whole process of eyebrow transplant. The surgeon might give a mild sedative before starting the transplant process.

    How long will the recovery take?

    Eyebrow transplant is performed in the doctor’s office. They get over in a day’s time. Some patients feel swelling above the eyebrow area, but it goes away very soon. Sometimes some itching might also be there, or a mild burning sensation will be there. All of these things are temporary and go off very soon. So the recovery does not take much time.

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