Doctor Expert Advice: Does Extreme Weight Loss Cause Hair Fall?

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Doctor Expert Advice: Does Extreme Weight Loss Cause Hair Fall?

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    There are many reasons for hair loss, and based on the cause of your hair loss, the doctor finds its cure. One of the main things that heavily impact your hair growth is your lifestyle. The way you eat, what kind of food you consume, the physical activities you perform, and the environment you work in all play a significant role in deciding how well your hair would grow. And if it impacts badly on your social, personal, and social life, you would have to choose Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    What Is The Relation Between Weight Loss And Hair Loss?

    One of such factors that has a negative effect on the hair is extreme weight loss on certain occasions. If you have undergone rapid weight loss; you would see that you are also lacking nutrients in your body and are having stress. There are also some hormonal shifts that can ultimately have an impact on hair growth. These could happen if you lose weight via restricted diets or some weight loss surgery.

    This read would help you gain some information on some of the ways where weight loss can result in hair loss.


    What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss Because Of Weight Loss?

    Given below are some of the common causes during the weight loss journey that leads to hair loss.

    • Going for crash dieting

    According to many studies done on hair loss, it is seen that hair fall is somewhat associated with weight loss, dietary deficits, calorie restrictions, and psychological strength- all these are frequent types in the crash diet. In about 180 women, most of them had hair loss because of some lack of nutrients in them, including psychological stress and iron deficiency. A crash diet is known for causing a shortage of specific critical fatty acids, which are required to develop new hair. They also reduce zinc, calories, and protein.

    • Having a low protein diet

    The central reason for hair loss is a protein malnutrition. If your body does not contain adequate protein, it must be gained daily by including it in your diet. If you do not change your lifestyle and add better eating and living standard, then there is a good chance of hair loss which could only be cured by hair transplant surgery. And there is nothing wrong with opting for one as it is a norm now and adding all kinds of nutrients to your body is impossible. So gather up all information, including the Hair Transplant Cost, if it is too late to reprimand your hair loss cause.

    • Undergoing weight-loss surgeries

    Another factor is undergoing any weight loss surgery, which is rapid and leads to a shortage of vitamins, protein, and minerals resulting in extreme hair loss. According to a study done by the researchers, they have found that out of 112 women who have gone through a weight-loss procedure surgically, 72% of them have suffered from hair loss post the process. 

    • Restricted diets

    It is a crash diet that removes an entire food group from your eating habits. It could lead to nutrients deficiency and more stress resulting in severe hair fall.

    What Can You Do?

    Hair transplant surgery done at Profile Forte is a safe option for bald patches and receding hairlines caused by genetics or nutrients deficiency.

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