Explain the procedure of face-lift recovery from Day 1 to Day 30?

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Explain the procedure of face-lift recovery from Day 1 to Day 30?

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    With aging signs start showing on the face and neck.

    If you are thinking or about to undergo the procedure then you must know the entire process of recovery. You should visit our doctor to get the best treatment plan for cosmetic surgery in Ludhiana. Keep in mind that it takes a few months to see the final results but the recovery process is less.


    Week 1

    Day 1

    After the surgery, you will feel sleepy and unsteady. You should have someone there who can support you. They will drive you home safely. At the first day, the patient experience pain a lot and discomfort is also high.

    Day 2

    The surgeon will schedule a follow-up. They will ask to remove or change the surgical dressings and also keep a check on the swelling and incision. If everything is going properly then the surgeon will do re-dressing and give you instructions which you need to keep in mind for smooth recovery.

    Day 3

    You need to rest but at this point, you will start feeling better and you can move around very easily. Also, the swelling and bruising are on the top level which will present for more weeks. If there is discomfort then take the medications.

    Day 4 to 6

    At this point, there is a need for a prescription for pain medication and also the swelling will reduce.


    Week 2

    Day 7 to 14

    Around the affected area, there will be swelling and bruising. The patient can experience tingling, and numbness. All these things are very common after surgery. You can get back to work and do light activities like walking.


    Week 3 and 4

    Day 15 to 30

    By the end of week one to week three, the sutures will be removed. This can depend on the way you are healing from the procedure. At week 3, there might be some swelling and tightness but mostly the patient will look and feel better. This is where most of the patients start to see the improvements in their facial structure. You can start doing exercise and start enjoying activities without any issue. The incision site will be pinkish but this will go away with time.

    After day 30

    After one month you can get back to your normal working routine and enjoy your new & youthful look. The minor swelling, tightness, numbness, and bruising will reside within one year. Although all these things are not noticeable.

    Make sure you ask the doctor if something is unusual or not clear to you. Asking your doctor questions will make the deal with the situation effectively and they will give you the best advice to deal with your problem properly.

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