Is my excess hair fall the reason for the pandemics? What to do?

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Is my excess hair fall the reason for the pandemics? What to do?

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    Have you started noticing hair fall? Is it all of a sudden?

    One research has shown that an increasing number of patients are consulting medical experts to address hair loss. It is even believed that the stress revolving around COVID-19 is the reason behind hair loss.

    Are you in search of a permanent solution for hair loss?

    Hair Transplant in Punjab, under the expertise of trained restoration surgeons, you can find the best answer. During the treatment, the hair grafts are extracted from one part of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is less.

    Can hair loss occur due to COVID stress?

    YES! To some extent, it is true as an increasing number of patients are noticing hair loss. Such numbers even include the patients who have had healthy hair all their life, but after getting diagnosed with COVID symptoms, the hair health started to bring down a lot. Many COVID-19 survivors have made online groups talk about their journey and what happened to their hair health afterward.

    Moreover, many patients have seen hair loss, and that is after the pandemic. Noticeable hair loss is okay, but when it is severe, all of a sudden, it means something needs to be done to manage it effectively. Having a health issue, undergoing surgery, or going through emotional turmoil can be the most significant contributory factor.

    Additionally, even the COVID-related stress can be why a person begins to notice hair fall. Certain COVID is not only affecting the health, but the emotional stress, financial strain, death in the family, or other devastating scenarios are even the reason the situation has started to get worse with time.

    Be cautious!

    Please don’t wait for the situation to get under control. It’s essential to seek medical assistance for the same and plan for hair transplant surgery to deal with hair loss permanently. Moreover, the Hair Transplant Cost depends on the total number of hair grafts you need.

    Hair loss increasing numbers are telling about the situation

    Earlier, the patients did not notice such a hair loss. Stress is indeed a significant factor in making a difference in the case. Even if the hair loss is temporary, still it’s necessary to find the right and effective solution.

    More and more cases of telogen effluvium are noticed, and such hair loss is linked to the stressful experience. Additionally, it is making the hair growth system tripped so that most of the patients did not think about it. The situation has reached the point that patients have started to notice more hair loss, although the hair growth is not that much. Only 40% of hair stays in the growth phase, which automatically tells the difference it makes. Indeed psychological stress has a lot to do in this case.

    Hair Loss Solution: Hair transplant surgery

    Now, you already know the solution to hair loss. So, What are you waiting for? Your hair loss can be dealt with for a lifetime through hair transplant surgery.

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