Obesity And Hair Loss: Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss Issues?

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Obesity And Hair Loss: Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss Issues?

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    One of the essential steps toward hair restoration is to identify the real cause of hair loss. However, there are various reasons for a patient to experience severe hair loss issues. But if you manage to maintain your weight, for the most part, you will be able to control underlying health conditions that can affect your hair loss issues.

    You might wonder how a healthy weight can reduce the risk of severe hair loss? Well, do not worry. We will help you take a closer look at the aspect of obesity and its relationship with hair loss.

    There might also be some correlation between the fat loss surgery in Ludhiana and hair growth.

    Obesity And Hair Loss: What Is The Link Between Them?

    Let’s be honest; there is absolutely no direct link between obesity and hair loss. Although, there might be some lifestyle choices and habits that you might incorporate with obesity that affects the growth of your hair. If you are one of them, you might see significant improvement in your hair growth with simple and minor changes in your lifestyle.

    How To Conquer A Healthy Weight For Better Hair Growth?

    People suffer from severe hair loss, which leads to a decision of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. It is a safe and long-term treatment if you are doomed, and there is no other way for the hair to grow.

    However, if you manage to maintain a simple lifestyle in the initial stage, then you would not have to worry about extreme hair fall.

    • A little exercise goes a long way.

    Nowadays, people live a very hectic life with an unhealthy lifestyle. The pressure of completing each task on time leaves no time for exercise. Instead, it increases the screen time making it harder for you to maintain a better habit.

    But do remember that squeezing in a little workout daily will do wonders for you and your hair indirectly. Exercise promotes blood flow to the scalp and also other peripheral areas. This, in short, keeps the hair follicles healthy and secure and reduces the need for a hair loss treatment. 

    • Reduction of stress and anxiety

    A growing body of evidence links obesity with stress. We all know that chronic high stress can cause a lot of challenges for your entire body. And one of the first signs of chronic stress is undoubtedly hair loss. You all might have heard this common notion. Well, it is not only a notion but a fact too. Now you might think that having a high-stress job will equate to that life standard.

    Well, not really; with little changes and incorporating some physical activity like yoga, meditation, and a workout regime will help you a ton. Take out that “Me-Time” and focus on giving yourself some break that you deserve. You can also participate in a hobby as it helps you lower the stress hormones and keep up the positive vibes to help you manage the most stressful event like a professional.

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