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Dimple Creation Surgery Post Recovery Tips

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    Dimple Creation Surgery

    Everyone loves dimples. But did you know that they can be created by surgery if you are not lucky enough to be blessed with them? First of all, let us know what a dimple actually is.

    A dimple is actually a small defect in the muscle. The skin on this muscle with the defect conforms to the tissue lying beneath, creating the effect. They can be seen often in people while smiling or it might be present in the chin area.

    The dimple creation surgery goes by the name Dimpleplasty. This procedure grants dimples to people who desire to have dimples but they don’t have it by nature. Dimple creation surgery cost varies according to city and clinic.

    Dimple Creation Surgery Procedure

    The procedure involves –

    1. Creation of adhesions between the cheek muscle and the skin.
    2. The incision is made on the interior side of the cheek muscle (inside the mouth).
    3. The next step involves the use of an absorbable surgical seam to attach the underside of the cheek skin with the newly created defect.
    4. The incision is closed with the help of absorbable sutures.
    5. The skin appears normal when it gets healed.
    6. The dimple can be seen once the skin is healed.
    7. The dimple may be seen when the patient is not smiling but after some time, it appears only while smiling or moving the face.
    8. The surgery doesn’t show any scar on the outer skin. The surgery takes an hour to complete and is usually carried out under the effect of anesthesia, preferably a local one.
    1. The patient is free to be discharged and allowed all normal activities after the surgery.

    Post surgery Guidelines

    While following a normal routine may be allowed, the person should observe a few precautions like-

    1. No hectic exercise, jogging or running or contact sports for two weeks
    2. Avoid lifting heavy objects for a period of 21 days.
    3. Avoid using things which are worn by pulling over. It is especially applicable to those who have had surgery on the face.
    4. Avoid chewing hard food items.
    5. One has to be careful about not yawning or opening the mouth wide open. This precaution has to be taken for 14 to 21 days.
    6. Avoid blowing out the nose, especially after a nose job.
    7. Now, this one is a bit difficult to follow but crucial for your new dimples –don’t laugh or smile as it will cause a lot of movement of the facial muscles.
    8. Avoid activities like swimming and a few days.
    9. While brushing, use a soft bristle toothbrush.
    10. Use a mild soap or shampoo while taking a bath
    11. You will have to use tape to maintain the dryness of the area. When the doctor advises you to remove the tape, do keep the area washed and clean. The doctors recommend washing it twice a day so that no oiliness is experienced.
    12. If you encounter any of the below symptoms, it is time to contact the doctor-

    Bleeding which doesn’t stop even after 10 minutes. Any other sign of infection,  redness, swelling, pain, fever, etc.

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