Diffuse Hair Thinning: What It Is, Its Common Signs, And Major Causes?

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Diffuse Hair Thinning: What It Is, Its Common Signs, And Major Causes?

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    What Is Diffuse Hair Thinning Hair Loss?

    From receding hairline to bald patches, there are many forms of hair loss. But one of the most common types of hair loss is diffuse thinning. It basically affects your entire scalp so that you would notice a spread of hair loss.

    Unlike other cases, diffuse thinning affects all the parts of your hair. It basically gives a see-through, transparent appearance to the entire head.

    There are many potential causes that might lead to diffuse thinning hair, including androgenetic alopecia, which is also known as male pattern baldness, and an underlying medical condition that leads to hair loss or shedding temporarily.

     What Are The Common Signs Of Diffuse hair Thinning?

    Given below are some of the signs that indicate that you might be suffering from diffuse thinning. If you are noticing or experiencing any of the given below symptoms, we recommend you undergo a Hair Transplant in Punjab. 

    • It reduces your hair density.

    The most significant sign it can show is the hair density or volume of hair. If you have diffuse thinning, it is evident that the volume of the ahir would reduce. You would notice visible thin hair with less density. You would also experience fewer hairs in your mid-scalp, airlines, and crown. 

    • Easily visible scalp

    As you would notice the reduction of density, your scalp would also become easier to see. It is more noticeable when your hair is wet or when you observe your scalp under a downward facing and bright light. 

    • Excessive hair shedding

    It is natural to have hair fall in your daily life. Hair loss between 50 to 100 strands per day is nothing to worry about as it is a regular hair growth cycle. But if you have a diffuse thinning, you might experience more hair loss than the standard number. The easiest way to judge excessive hair shedding is by checking the pillowcase and bed sheets and even the shower drain for a large number of hair strands. 

    Please Note: The Hair Transplant Cost might vary depending on your hair loss complication. The charges for average hair loss due to an unhealthy lifestyle would cost less than the cost for diffuse thinning would. 

    What Are The Causes Of Diffuse Thinning?

    There are ample reasons that could contribute to this type of hair loss. However, one of the biggest reasons for diffuse thinning hair shedding is telogen effluvium.

    Telogen effluvium generates when there is excessive hair entering the telogen, also known as the resting phase of the hair growth cycle prematurely.

    There are multi-phase cycles that healthy hair goes through as it continues to grow to its full potential.  The 1st phase contains the anagen phase, in which the hair follicles grow the hair to its entire length. This cycle takes around two to six years.

    Then comes the second phase, which is the catagen phase. It is a transition phase in which the hair stops growing. Then comes the final stage, which is the telogen phase. In this cycle, the growth of the hair stops, and then the hair strand is gradually replaced by a new strand in the phase of the anagen cycle.

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