What factors determine the cost of 5000 hair grafts in India?

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What factors determine the cost of 5000 hair grafts in India?

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    Have you been told that you need 5000 hair grafts for addressing hair loss? The concern is, ‘How much will the Hair Transplant Cost?or how the total cost is analyzed.

    The requirement of 5000 hair grafts means that the problem of hair loss is much more or the degree of baldness is way too more than expected. The graft price range calculates the total cost, around Rs 15 to Rs 30. If we talk about the total count of 5000 hair grafts, it is around Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,50,000. Although, these figures are just on an average factor to let you know about the treatment cost in an ideal manner. In this article, I will familiarize you with the cost of Hair Transplant in Punjab for 5000 hair grafts to get a better idea about the same. Let’s have a better insight into those factors.

    Factors to determine the hair transplant treatment cost in India

    • Giving the treatment as per the standards

    The price range will vary depending on the international standards used for the treatment. You might come across a clinic that charges you higher than the normal range. So, it’s like using the latest tool, techniques, and technology will make a huge difference.

    • Technology type used

    Be it FUE or FUT, both the treatment options are effective. Depending on which treatment type the doctor suggests, the total cost is known. With a good hair transplant doctor, both possibilities are practical. You are advised to get FUE & FUT combined for better results. So, it would be best if you talked about the same with the doctor.

    • Doctor’s experience & skills

    The doctor’s skills combined with the surgeon’s experience will make a lot of difference. It’s like ensuring the treatment is performed in an ideal manner. If the surgeon has years of experience, then obviously his knowledge about the treatment & doing the treatment is just the best.

    Be cautious!

    Don’t think that choosing the best hair restoration surgeon will increase the treatment cost. Look at the other side of the situation that hair transplant treatment is done effectively. Therefore it’s essential to always look for experienced and board-certified surgeons. You should never fall for those cheap hair transplant treatment plans or alluring ads that say, ‘Get 80% off on hair transplant’!

    What if enough grafts are not available?

    If the graft requirement is not enough, the surgeon will suggest you get a body hair transplant. It means the necessary hair grafts are taken from the other body part and then effectively transplanted where hair growth is less. If this happens even then, the cost factor will vary greatly.

    Are you wondering how many hair grafts do you need?

    The only way to know this is to schedule an initial consultation with one of the best hair restoration surgeons & plan for everything in an ideal manner


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