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Cosmetic Procedures In High Demand: Hair Transplant & Breast Augmentation

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    Although there are a variety of surgical procedures to improve the cosmetic improvement of the several parts. Some are disturbed with the hair loss while others with the breasts, arms, legs, or even thighs. Here in this blog, we are going to mention the two most popular cosmetic procedures performed at Dr. Vikas Gupta’s Clinic.

    Hair Transplants

    Among so many other hair restoration procedures, hair transplants are the best. Based on the condition of the individual, a procedure is picked from a variety. Subsequent are predominantly used procedures to carry out a Hair Transplant in Punjab:

    • FUE

    • FUT

    • Bio FUE

    FUE & FUT

    FUE and FUT are somewhat the same. FUT is a conventional procedure that requires extracting hair follicles from one region and then transplanting the same to the bald areas. But in this technique, the strips of the hair are extracted as against grafts in the FUE procedure, which is accountable for causing scarring. Don’t worry, Scarring is non-permanent.

    Bio FUE

    Bio FUE is one of the regenerative cells stimulating the hair restoration procedure. In this procedure, the regenerative cells from one area are extracted which are then injected into the bald area.

    Breast Augmentation Procedure

    Small breasts are contrary to what is called a feminine appearance. Sometimes it happens that one breast is smaller than the other. It creates an even more devastating look.

    Dr Vikas Gupta has made it possible to help shape your breasts which have been spoiled after pregnancy or a sudden weight loss. You can discuss your goals with the plastic surgeon and then he will help you to come through your breast augmentation journey.

    The plastic surgeons felt the need to make the people aware of the importance of having some realistic expectations:

    • Implants cannot prevent sagging

    Breast implants can only augment our breasts, these cannot prevent them from sagging.


    If you want to prevent your breasts from sagging, then you must undergo a breast lift alongside.

    • A fixed lifespan

    The implants do have a specific lifetime of about 10 years. These cannot last more than that.

    • Characteristics may change based on age

    With age and changes in weight, the way the breasts look may change.

    • Breastfeeding may become a challenge

    Women after undergoing this Cosmetic Surgery in Ludhiana find breastfeeding as one of the challenges. But in many other cases, it is not even a problem for some women.

    • Additional surgery will be required after implant removal

    If you are planning to remove the breast implants, then you may need one more surgical procedure to improve the cosmetic appearance of the breasts. A breast lift is commonly performed after breast implant removal.

    Final Comments!

    If you are required to undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery, then do not look for many options. Profile Forte or Profile Cosmetic Surgery is going to provide you with a reasonable package with a promise of making you happy after the desired outcomes are delivered.

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