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Common factors that stop you from having healthy and thick hair

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    Individuals usually get confused between Shedding and Hair Loss, but they both are different from each other. Shedding is an essential part of the hair development cycle, and masses can typically experience approximately fifty to hundred hair sheds throughout the day that generally arise while combing and washing your hair. Worrying is not necessary because it is a normal part of life. On the other hand, when your scalp hair follicles stop growing new hair and the shedding of hair doubles, it may result in hair loss. At this point, you must consult the hair expert or visit the clinic of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana.

    Moving further, you may notice numerous people looking for hair treatment options but step back when they hear about the treatment cost. The Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab does not rely on a single factor. Thus, you must pay the actual amount of the hair transplant treatment. However, it would help if you also avoided the fraud clinics, which charge more than the genuine hair transplant price.

    Why does hair loss arise?

    Various factors, such as nutritional imbalance, illness, heredity, excessive use of heat, etcetera, are responsible for hair loss. The hair loss problem occurs when the normal hair growth cycle and healthy hair follicles get interrupted. You can maintain hair growth by removing the triggering factors in several cases. But when the element can’t be reversed on its own, medical help is required. Three stages of the Hair Growth Cycle:

    ● Everyone sheds 50-100 hairs daily in a standard hair development cycle.
    ● Almost ninety-five percent of hair loss issues come in front due to genetics.
    ● Approximately fifty-five percent of men start facing hair loss problems when they turn in their forties.
    ● Imbalanced hormones are not only responsible for the hair loss but also the reason for acne and oily skin conditions.

    Between 25 and 30 cycles are completed by hair follicles during a person’s lifetime. When these hair growth cycles accelerate, a person experiences androgenetic alopecia or baldness. The hairs are initially forced into the telogen or rest stage because of hormonal imbalance, but over time, it starts to hinder hair follicles from manufacturing high-quality keratin. The hair quality declines, and the hair development cycle gets shorter in a vicious cycle. The cycle will run out if it goes on for too long, and the hair will cease growing correctly.

    What are the significant causes of hair loss?

    Family history (heredity): This type of hair loss is common to find among people. Due to biological and hereditary factors, if your mother or father are facing hair loss without any specific reasons, it means in the upcoming time or now, you can also meet similar problems.

    Hormonal changes and medical conditions: Several reasons can affect your hair growth. Hormonal imbalance also severely affects your hair growth and causes your hair to fall out constantly until you will not treat this issue after consulting the hair expert.

    Medications and supplements: There are more chances that people can face instant hair fall or break under the adverse effect of various drugs and supplements. Therefore, do not take medication or supplements yourself without consulting the doctor.

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