Which factors are responsible for causing hair loss among women?

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Which factors are responsible for causing hair loss among women?

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    If we talk about hair loss, you may say it is prevalent in both genders. However, there are several affecting women. They lost hundreds of their hair when combing, sleeping, washing, etc. In earlier years, women considered their hair crowning glory (smooth and shiny hair that provides a beautiful look), but now this crowning glory is hidden somewhere due to hair loss. If you want this crowning glory back, go for the treatment at Hair transplant in Ludhiana.

    Furthermore, numerous expensive and branded products are available in the hair care market. As their advertisement shows, it will confer natural hair cure and control hair fall within a few weeks. On the contrary, nothing is happening like this. These products only work for sometimes until you stop them. When you stop using these hair items, your hair will fall again. If you need a permanent cure for your messy hair, opt for the hair transplant in Punjab that guarantees natural hair growth within a few months.

    How can stressors stimulate hair loss in women?

    Stressors refer to the different factors that cause hair loss among women. It can also cause emotional and physical alterations in ladies under these stressors. These are classified as follows::

    • Emotional stressors: If you are passing via a family clash like the loss of a family member, divorce, career problems, financial issues, etcetera can disturb your sleep and diet habits that can cause physiological changes and push you towards hair loss.
    • Metabolic stressors: The lack of Vitamin D, E, and Armenia, iron, nutritional starvations, severe infection, etcetera. It can also occur due to the excessive consumption of Vitamin- A.
    • Drug-induced: If you take different medicines such as antifungals, anticonvulsants, oral contraceptive pills, anticoagulants, cholesterol medications, antihypertensive, antidepressants, etcetera, you are more likely to struggle with your falling hair or baldness.
    • Self-Induced: If you are consuming oral contraceptive pills, a low-calorie diet, losing weight medications, and tying your hair very tightly for an extended period can cause the issue of traction alopecia.
    • Hormonal imbalance: Conditions like thyroid problems, PCOD, menopause, and low estrogen after childbirth can also cause hair loss.

    What habits must a woman mend to attain healthy hair on their scalp?

    • Diet habits: Women must make a diet plan to eat only a balanced diet with required nutrients that will rejuvenate their hair follicles. Your diet must consist of eggs, oats, green vegetables & fruits, avocado fruit, etcetera. These all food items together make a complete nutrition diet for your hair.
    • Avoid cosmetic hair products: You may know that all hair products have different chemicals. If these chemicals confer some plus points to your hair, they will also affect your hair adversely. Thus, we recommend trying to use fewer chemical products. Apart from this, you can use curd or buttermilk to wash your hair and apply flaxseed gel to make them straight rather than an electronic straightener that thins your hair.
    • Oil massage: To strengthen your hair follicles, do oil massage twice a week. It will nourish your hair follicles from the roots and stimulate them to develop healthy and thick hair. Utilize a natural form of oil that does not contain any chemical values in it.


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