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Breast Reduction Surgery: All You Should Know About

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    Breasts are largely regarded as a symbol of feminine beauty, but at times, large breasts do possess certain difficulties, which prompt the concerned person to choose some alternative to address the problematic issues. Breast Reduction or reduction mammoplasty is fast becoming a popular choice to get rid of discomfort. In Breast Reduction, the plastic surgeon removes excess fat, skin, breast tissue to give the breasts a firmer look and feel. Sometimes liposuction or sucking of extra molten fat is enough to help ease the problem but at other times, operating the enormous, heavy breasts is the only option. If you or you are any of your dear ones, are giving a thought about trying breast reduction then, it is wise to remain aware of certain facts. Relevant knowledge will help you to decide whether you actually require it or not.

    Who can undergo this process?
    Every show has a limited audience and the holds in this case as well, as the person needs to match certain criteria to undergo this surgery; the surgeons cannot allow every desirous person to go for this surgery. Specifically, women with large breasts might suffer both psychological and physical problems, like:

    • Large breasts might lead to back pain or harm the posture
    • Because of heavy breasts, the bra straps can get buried into the skin and bruise it
    • It might stop women from taking part in many activities or sports
    • Large breasts might embarrass a person with small stature

    Therefore, women who want to get out from these awkward situations and want to live freely with a more confident appearance can go for the operation only after the breasts have completed its development. Men who have large breasts and feel self-conscious can also opt for breast reduction surgery. However, the procedure followed will be a bit different from that for women.

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    About Surgery
    As mentioned, during surgery the surgeons make cuts on the breasts, take the surplus out, and stitch those places. However, sometimes they need to operate and replace the nipples and areola. The surgeons can perform the entire treatment in surgery centers or hospitals, and it can take around three to five hours to complete. The patient generally is discharged on the same day but is warned to stay within strict routine. As the breasts become more sensitive just after the operation, those are bandaged and supported by surgical bra.

    Side effects
    Every action has its equal and opposite reaction and even this surgery comes with a few side effects.

    • The incisions made though stitched will leave permanent marks on the skin, which will fade with time but will not go away. Moreover, these might swell up and lead to infection.
      Breast Reduction Surgery resultsNotice the scars visible underneath the nipples the scars are visible
    • Misplacement of nipples and areolas might occur as the entire operation takes place while the patient is lying down and the calculation of the doctor is not accurate all the time. Moreover, the sizes of both breasts might not match after reduction.
    • Though large breast does not have much sensation yet after undergoing an operation, the breasts might lose sensation for a couple of weeks. This situation can persist for long-term for some people also.
    • Breastfeeding generally becomes a no-no after surgery; however, some can still feed.

    Where to go
    Breast reduction has become quite common in India and there are quite a few renowned places, which offer good service. Just search through these options and settle for that one which suits your budget.

    Summary: the procedure breast reduction is likely to delve you face many risks. However, people who have undergone this are living a satisfied life with smaller breasts and bigger benefits. So ask yourself what you want and then move forward!

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