What’s the hype behind the body-to scalp hair transplant procedure?

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What’s the hype behind the body-to scalp hair transplant procedure?

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    Body to scalp hair transplant

    When the individuals first heard about the body to scalp hair transplant, it left a question in their minds, ‘Is it effective?’, ‘How can chest hair be used for scalp hair transplant?’ and much more. Well, the concern of the patients is evident regarding Hair Transplant in Punjab because of not having proper understanding. However, that does not mean creating wrong assumptions about hair transplant treatment or its success rate. Having clarity on overtreatment and the way it’s done is essential.

    Just imagine a situation!

    You are dealing with hair loss and made up your mind to undergo hair restoration. Make yourself familiar with the hair transplant type and Hair Transplant Cost, but there is one problem. When you got your scalp evaluated, the doctor told you, ‘You don’t have enough hair grafts on the back of the scalp.’ So, you ask the doctor about any other alternative, and this is where you are told to seek benefit through ‘Body to a scalp hair transplant.

    Which parts of the body are appropriate for a scalp hair transplant?

    Beard hair

    ‘Beard hair’ – One of the most common and effective areas to effectively perform a hair transplant. WHY? The beard hair is thick and robust. For beard hair, the appropriate areas are the face and the jaw. The best scalp areas to transplant beard hair are:

    • Frontal forelock (A little way back from the hairline)
    • Vertex (crown of the head)

    Transplanting hair grafts in the precise location is essential; otherwise, it increases the chances of making transplanted hair grafts look unnatural. When the doctor evaluates your scalp for hair loss, everything is analyzed correctly to ensure effectiveness in everything. So, the doctor will use a combination of beard and scalp hair to cover the problematic parts of the scalp.

    Chest hair

    The chest comes in the 2nd position, matching close to scalp hair. Although, these are way too fine compared to scalp or facial hair. The doctor will effectively transplant the grafts to ensure desired results are obtained.

    Apart from beard and chest hair, there are arm, pubic, thigh, and underarm hair. Although this hair is thin, it’s ideal for transplanting them to the frontal hairline and temporal peaks.

    What’s the reason for choosing body hair for scalp hair transplant?

    No doubt, the body-to-scalp hair transplant is only suggested for individuals who don’t have enough hair grafts on the back of the scalp. Moreover, some patients consult the hair restoration surgeon to cover the scars on the scalp because of improper transplantation.

    Is it possible to use body hair to correct strip scars?

    YES! It is. Ideally, the focus is to preserve donor scalp hair. Under this state, necessary results are blended seamlessly, making everything effective. The beard hair is thick and close to scalp hair, so doing a body-to scalp hair transplant is perfect.

    Do you need help?

    Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Vikas Gupta to Profile Forte to get yourself the benefit of body to scalp hair transplant. Make sure to discuss all your doubts with the hair restorations surgeon.

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