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Benefits of the FUT transplantation method

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It is not only the case that people who experience early baldness signs or who have gone completely bald can consider hair transplant procedures. The people who are facing extreme hair thinning are also considered as an ideal candidate for this process.


1. In this approach, the surgeon is going to extract a single strip of skin from the back of the scalp by using a scalpel and covered the donor area with stitches.

2. It leaves a visible linear scar on the donor area.

3. The surgeon cuts the strip into many small fragments and graft those hair grafts into the hole.

4. Finally, the surgeon covers the treated area with bandages.


1. The surgeon is going to shave off the hair from the back of the scalp.

2. When a surgeon harvests individual hair from the scalp. A tiny dot like scars left there.

3. The surgeon makes small holes in your scalp and transplants hair precisely into those holes.

4. Finally, the surgeon covers the treated area with bandages.

Advantages of FUT:-

1. The probability of obtaining a high number of grafts: The probability of obtaining a high number of grafts can be achieved through the FUT technique of hair restoration as it allows for a number of grafts in a single session via strip excision.

2. A high-density pack is possible: To meet the need for high-density pack results, the need for the graft is increased and the technique applied will be the FUT or the surgical bandage method. However, only a large number of grafts are obtained if the bandage is excluded because it contains a cluster of follicles, easily obtained by its superior properties.

3. The biggest grade of baldness can be resolved by FUT: to achieve the biggest grade problem of baldness, namely, NW-IV, V, VI or VII FUT technique is applied and in the hair transplant process. Important importance is weighed. The issue of genetic baldness or androgenic alopecia is the recommended technique for the only sure way that the best number of follicles can be obtained at the same time.

4. Cleansing Results: Because the follicles are carcasses through the skin folds that only target the protected donor areas of the scalp, that is, DHT-resistant hair roots in the back and sides of the scalp. DHT-resistant roots do not come out and do not show the effect of monetization to meet the surgical restoration goal.

Ideal candidates:-

Should be between 25-65

Should have good health

Having widespread thinning and baldness

Have thick scalp scars from injuries

It could take 12 to 18 months to experience thicker, fuller hair. In some cases, the hair will appear thinner and then start growing thick hair gradually.


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