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Benefits of Fat Transplantation

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    Fat transplantation in india or transfer is a cosmetic surgery which helps in moving fat from one part to another body part. This procedure is also referred to as ‘fat graft’ or ‘lipomodelling’. Moreover, the procedure is very minor. The main purpose is to remove the excess fat from one area and use it to smooth another area. For example, the fat can be taken from the tummy or thigh area and it can be used at breast or face area to either increase or smooth the area.

    • Results are long lasting

    Fat grafting in India gives long-lasting results as compared to other procedures or methods. Moreover, the results are instantly visible and they last for more than two years, in most of the cases. Some patients opt for other methods the results are the same but it takes several months to appear. One thing which you should know that the surgeon might inject you slightly more. This is done to reabsorb some of the injected fat. Due to this, your face might look fuller for some days.

    • Moving fat from others

    Another benefit of fat transplantation is it transfer fat from one area to another area. This means you have extra fat around the thighs, hips, or buttocks, this can be moved on the face where you want it. You should not feel worried as the amount of fat which is taken is very less and it won’t make any difference. It also reduces the chances of allergic reaction as your own fat is transferred to the other body part.

    • Less invasive

    The entire process is less invasive as there are no incisions involved and you will have no scarring on the facial area. However, the patient is given anesthesia as some part of it involve liposuction. With this process, the patient will have some swelling and bruising. In this case, the doctor recommends the patient to take a few weeks off so that you can get better. The swelling will be in both areas from where the fat is taken and to where it is moved.

    • Combined with procedures

    This option works best with other methods also such as combining it with Botox injections. With this, it helps in reducing the lines and wrinkles which have come with aging. This will save for your time to schedule two separate appointments with the surgeon. Getting two procedure at the same time will give you a more youthful look and you can also save your money in the long run.

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