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Expert Advice: Avoid Bad Hair Care Habits That Damages Your Hair

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    We all know the struggle of having a bad hair day, especially on special occasions. Whenever you are ready to go out on a bad hair day, there to disappoint you with its arrival. On top of disappointment, it also hampers your mood while simultaneously making you less confident.

    But how do we tackle such issues?

    Well, the first thing you should keep in mind is to understand the real cause of a bad hair day. Sometimes, it is just your luck, but if you face difficulty styling your hair, it could be because of damage. Such damages include dullness, dryness, breakage, frizziness, thinning, and many more. If you notice constant hair thinning, you might have to undergo a hair transplant in Punjab to get that voluminous hair.

    That is why it is necessary to take care of your hair and avoid any extreme hair loss or damage. Use specific products that the experts have prescribed you, such as PRP therapy.

    In this blog, we are going to discuss some bad hair care habits that you must avoid at all costs.

    Bad Hair Care Habits To Avoid This Summer

    • Washing your hair daily

    One of the biggest misconceptions of all time is to wash their hair daily for better hair growth. However, it can have the opposite reaction. Washing your hair frequently can have a damaging effect on your tresses.

    This can make your hair look sad, dry, frizzy, and have split ends. Apart from that, it might also dry up the scalp, which leads to unwanted dandruff.

    Tips for hair care routine

    • Day 1: Shampoo your hair
    • Day 2: Do not wet your hair
    • Day 3: Apply only conditioner on your hair
    • Day 4: Again, do not wash your hair and start the whole process.

    It is one of the most successful ways to retain the hair growth cycle without losing the natural oil. With this technique, you will also see a new shine in your hair that will be vibrant.

    • Washing your hair with hot water

    Another point that you must avoid is washing your hair with hot water. Even though you might enjoy a good hot shower after a long hectic day, remember that it is not suitable for your hair. In fact, It has the same impact on hair as hot hair tools have. The extreme steam from hot water can strip off the essential oil from the hair. Apart from that, it also leaves the hair strand vulnerable to further damage, such as extreme hair loss, which would require undergoing a hair transplant in Ludhiana.

    Instead, you must wash your hair with lukewarm water to allow your hair follicles to clean themselves naturally. However, do keep in mind that you must wash your hair with cold water after conditioning. This process will help the hair follicles to close again to avoid any kind of ingrown hair formation.

    Final Comments

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