How Long Should You Avoid Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant?

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How Long Should You Avoid Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant?

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    If you are looking for a long-term hair loss solution, a hair transplant is your answer. However, the success of this hair loss treatment highly depends on post-hair transplant hair care. And if you do not take proper care, then the result might not be as satisfactory as you desire. 

    So be wise, and follow the instructions that your surgeon gave after Hair transplant treatment in Ludhiana.

     Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant

    Our everyday life revolves around the sun, so it is inevitable to ignore the sun’s rays. And let me tell you, it is the first thing the doctor will say to avoid after your FUE hair treatment. 

    But if you need to go out for your work and travel from one place to another, you should also make sure to take care of it at that period of time. 

     Why Should You Avoid Sun After Your Hair Transplant Surgery?

    The newly implanted hair follicles the doctor placed there must be able to toot themselves as a part of the healing process. And if there is exposure to the sun, then you might notice some damage to the skin and also the hair follicles. In such a situation, your surgery might fail, or you might require additional treatment. The sun generates perspiration that becomes a barrier in the healing process, which affects the hair transplant result. 

    How Does Sun Exposure Cause Damage To The Skin?

    The doctor makes an incision during the process of hair transplant surgery, and they are sensitive to light. The sun emits ultraviolet rays, which harm the incisions, which in short, disturb the healing procedure and result in excessive scarring. 

    The skin compromises of cells name chromatophores which are responsible for skin pigmentation. When exposed to the sun, chromatophores automatically darken the skin to protect it from the sun’s rays. But after the hair transplant, these cells die or go dormant, making it harder to shield the skin. It takes several months for those cells to regenerate themselves in the newly transplanted grafts. This is why the transplanted skin is at higher risk for sun damage. 

    How Long Would You Require To Protect Your Transplanted Hair From Sun?

    You should be very precautious in varying degrees of care for at least four months. For the starting phase, the doctor recommends you wear a hat, which must cover the transplanted area fully. Do not use any gels or styling products at any cost until your doctor or surgeon gives a thumbs up. Be mindful and careful and follow each instruction the doctor has listed to have a successful transplant story. 

    You would not have to lock yourself up inside, but make sure to cover and protect your scalp whenever you go out with some hats or scarves. 

    Final Comments

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