What are the ways which can effectively avoid and manage the FUE scars?

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What are the ways which can effectively avoid and manage the FUE scars?

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When a person experiences the problem of hair loss it affects their self-esteem and self-confidence. No doubt, hair is the major part of our identity as it enhances our look and appearance. So, what is the way we can get rid of the problem? In that case, the treatment of hair transplant helps in giving effective and natural results.

One of the methods of transplantation is FUE which is considered because it is minimally invasive. No doubt, the process leaves less scarring but there is minor scarring.

How does the FUE hair transplantation work?

  • Follicular Unit Extraction process starts with shaving the back and side of the scalp. It might be possible that the entire head needs to be shaved so that regrowth of hair is proper and natural. According to the problem, you are experiencing the doctor will let you know everything. Before taking the follicles out anesthesia is applied to the scalp to reduce the discomfort and pain. From the donor area, follicles are taken out. Our surgeon will use the precise tools and methods to take the grafts out. Getting the treatment from the experts is very essential and if you are looking for one then consult our surgeon Hair Transplant in Ludhiana.
  • After extracting the grafts they are examined and counted to make sure they are enough to cover the problematic area.
  • Finally, the grafts will be inserted where hair growth is very less which completes the process.

Following the surgery, the doctor will advise you to take proper care for 10 days until they become permanent. Once the grafts become permanent they will be treated in the same manner as that of natural hair.

Avoiding and managing the FUE Scars

  • When you visit our surgeon they take utmost care so that grafts are placed with precision. The placement and depth of graft must be done properly which helps in minimizing the scarring.
  • Our surgeon is also aware of the various types of tools that should be sued in a different case. This is because every patient is suffering from a problem in a different manner so different treatment plans should be offered to them.
  • Also, you need to make sure that you are following the instructions given by the doctor. When you take proper care and take the medications on time it will help you to recover on time and scars will be healed properly.

Keep these things in mind

Do not touch the treated area as it can affect the placement of grafts. Do not wash the hair until your doctor advises you to. Another thing is that, do not apply anything on the scalp which has chemicals in it.

If are facing a problem then book your appointment with our surgeon and they will give you a suitable treatment plan.


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