Are Food Allergies a Trigger to Eczema in Children?

Are Food Allergies a Trigger to Eczema in Children

What is eczema?

The word eczema is utilized to portray various perpetual skin issues. Atopic dermatitis is the most widely recognized sort of eczema, particularly in infants and youthful youngsters.

Symptoms of eczema

Eczema is an interminable condition which causes red and itchy regions on the skin. Here and there the itching is extremely serious. At the point when skin is scratched it can break open, overflow and after that covering over. Infants with eczema regularly have it on their cheeks, scalp, and forehead. Older youngsters regularly have it on the face, wrists, hands, feet, within the folds of their elbows, knees, and lower legs.

Food allergy

A food allergy happens due to an irregular immune reaction to a food protein. Nourishment proteins that can cause unfavorable allergic reactions are known as food allergens. Dealing with this problem includes maintaining a strategic distance from the food that causes the food allergy. In the event that you presume your infant or kid is responding to nourishment, quit giving that food and converse with your specialist. Your specialist may refer your kid to a dermatologist if a treatment plan is required.

Does food allergy cause eczema?

Despite the fact that food allergy is increasingly regular in kids who have eczema, they are isolated conditions. Food allergy does not ordinarily cause eczema, but rather having dermatitis may build the possibility that a food allergy creates.

Differences between the skin symptoms of eczema and food allergy

An allergic reaction to a portion of food normally happens rapidly. Indications of this problem at that point leave, more often than not following a few hours, as long as the nourishment isn’t eaten once more. Eczema will, in general, appear in unsurprising spots, for example, on the cheeks of youthful infants or elbow wrinkles of more established youngsters. The spots on the skin where indications of an allergic reaction to a food show up are increasingly erratic. Hives, itching, and redness from an allergic reaction can appear pretty much any place on the body and even in better places each time the nourishment is eaten.

How might I help control my kid’s eczema?

Pursue everyday showering routine and apply lotion directly after the shower to help saturate your kid’s skin. Applying lotion following the shower is likely the absolute most critical thing that you can do to encourage your youngster’s skin. Continuously wash your hands previously applying lotion. Apply lotion liberally to all skin surfaces. Abstain from rubbing. Use cream after each shower, after hand washing and in the wake of swimming. Additionally, utilize skin medications to quiet the immune reaction when required. Keep your youngster’s fingernails short and clean. This can help keep a disease if the skin gets scratched. Moreover, wash new garments and expel labels before your kid wears them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Removal Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitiligo

Many people getting tatto done, get irritated after some time and wish to have it removed. But they are also worried about the removal process. Hence for them , we have compiled some questions for all those who are interested in getting a tattoo removal surgery done:

How do lasers remove a tattoo?

Lasers emit a special kind of wavelength of light energy on the tattoo to break the link in small pieces. The laser transfers the energy to the tattoo in a very accurate beam which minimizes the risk of injury to the skin. The ink then gets broken in many small particles.

In how many sittings will the tattoo removal process complete?

Laser tattoo removal surgery is done in many sessions. The number depends upon many things listed below:

Age -Experts are of the view that the older the tattoo gets, it is easier to remove it.

Color – In case you have tattoos in colors of red and black, then you are lucky enough because the tattoo removal process is going to be easy for you. In case you have it in colors of Blue and green, then it will be a bit difficult for the tattoos to be removed and also require more sessions for removal.

Placement– The placing of the tattoo also affects the removal. If it is placed away from the heart, then the tattoo is slow to be taken out.

Thickness – thick tattoos are very slow or difficult to be taken out then those which are thin.

What is the cost of the tattoo removal process?

Laser tattoo removal cost can vary on the location, doctors, clinic, size of the tattoo, along with the colors used.

How much does it pain?

Experiencing slight pain or discomfort is but natural. But, it subsides on its own, hence nothing to worry about. The process is also known as the sensation of a rubber loop, which has been splintered against the skin.

These methods are restored to when other methods are of no use.

Tattoo removal surgery cost

Tattoo removal surgery cost has different ranges. The ranges depend upon the type of tattoo, the surgeon, if he is a new surgeon, location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty

FAQ Otoplasty

What is meant by otoplasty?

Otoplasty is surgery for ears. A plastic surgeon performs the surgery, it helps in the looks of the ears. Otoplasty minimises the size of huge ears, repair protuberant ears, along with reshaping of misshaped ears.

What is the procedure of the surgery?

The techniques for getting this done are very different. The difference is due to the problem in different people. Small cuts are placed at the back of the ear. The bones may be carved and ear bent facing the head. The surgeon, at many times, makes use of non-removable stitches to clasp the new shape. At many points, it can be necessary to take out a piece of bone to give a more natural looking fold.

Who can get it done?

Healthy individuals who wish to refine the appearance of their large, prominent or twisted ears can get it done. Besides adults, even a child of 4 years old can get it done.

What is the right age to get otoplasty done?

Once the ears are grow fully, which is usually around 4 years of age. Getting it done as early as this helps in reducing the emotional trauma which may otherwise a child has to go through.

Is anaesthesia used for otoplasty?

Yes, anaesthesia and sedatives are given to comfort the patient from any pain.

How long is the process?

Around 2- 3 hours are spent in the operation

At what places do doctors make incisions?

The incisions are mostly not visible since they are done behind the ears.

Will there be cicatrix post surgery

Although the incisions which are made result in cicatrix, they get hidden because they are mostly placed behind the ears.

Will it pain?

Some kind of pulsating or aching of ears may happen for the next few days. This can be handled with the intake of medicines.

How will the recovery be like?

Patients after undergoing otoplasty can recover in about two weeks post surgery. Some pulsating along with aching of ears may occur which will get better with medicines. Slight swelling, numbness or redness may also occur. Bandages will be applied post-surgery, which will be replaced with a lighter, headband kind of dressing. Stitches are also taken off, after one week or if the surgeon has put absorbable sutures, then they will go away on their own.

What will be the duration of bed rest?

Patients can resume their work after a week or 10 days post surgery.

What will my exercise regime be?

Heavy work will need to be put a halt for about 2- 3 months.

The stitches take how long to be removed?

The stitches can be removed in about a week or 10 days post surgery. The absorbance stutures can be easily dissolved on their own.

Is it risky to get Otoplasty done?

Just like any other surgery, there are a few dangers which are associated with otoplasty like, a little bit of infection, scarring, but all of these go away, within a short period of time.

Causes of Ptosis And Tips To Avoid Risks Involved in Ptosis Surgery

Hair Ptosis

The human eyes are the most important part of their body as they enable them to see the beauty of the world. All good and bad things, small and big things, major and minor changes can be observed with eyes. Thus, eyes hold a great significance to all. This can be understood best by a blind. There are various diseases that are related to eyes too such as poor vision, cataract, conjunctivitis, retinopathy so on and so forth. One of such diseases is ptosis. Ptosis is the fall in eyelids of humans naturally. With this, they face problem in vision. The ones suffering from ptosis have to tilt their head upwards to make it possible for them to see. Whereas, some are unable to see anything even then. The eyes appear to be partially or almost fully closed.


There are various possible causes of ptosis which are mentioned below:

  • It can be present from birth or can develop with growing age.
  • It can be also caused due to some injury, cataract surgery or other surgery for treatment of eyes.
  • When the muscles that lift eyelids suffer from some issue, ptosis occurs.
  • Some other medical conditions such as diabetes, eye tumor or neurological disorder can be responsible for drooping eyelids.


The best possible treatment for ptosis is surgery. Under this surgery, the surgeon tightens the levator muscles. With this, the drooping eyelids are corrected and the vision is improved. There are also some cases where levator muscles become extremely weak. In such cases, the surgeon attaches the eyelids below the forehead. Thus, forehead muscles do the work of lifting the eyelids and the drooping eyelids are corrected.


The surgery does not come without a cost. There are various risks related to this surgery.

  • Infection: there can be an infection in the eyes but it is temporary.
  • Loss of asymmetry of eyelids: the original asymmetry of eyelids is generally lost.
  • Recorrection by additional surgery: sometimes, there can be nee of additional surgery if it is corrected properly in the first.
  • Bleeding: rare bleeding can also occur which vanishes frequently.
  • Reduced vision: the vision is reduced for a short period of time.
  • Loss of full eye movement: the eye movement takes time to adjust after surgery and there is a lesser movement of eyes.
  • Dryness: dryness can be felt by some due to surgery.
  • Overcorrection or undercorrection: sometimes, there can be a correction that is more than required or less than needed.

All in all, ptosis treatment is successful only with the help of a surgery. It must be ensured that the surgeon is experienced and the surgery is not undergone under a new surgeon. It is better to ask the surgeon the number of surgeries performed by him/her. Additionally, the reviews can be taken from the patients before undergoing the surgery. Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and a wrong surgery can lead to loss of vision for the entire life. Thus, it is very important to be very careful while making a choice for the right eye surgeon.

How to Look Younger without Surgery?

How to Look Younger without Surgery

Skin is not just the safeguard system of the body, but also the first thing which people notice after meeting in person. So, everyone wishes to look their best.

For having a healthy and flawless looking skin, people resort to many things, some eat healthy to remain in shape and have a beautiful face at the same time,

Others do home remedies to take care of their skin, while many others like to do alternative things. Let’s see, what people do to look young and acquire a spotless face:

  • Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a fabulous way for getting the much-needed younger looking skin, without getting any surgery done. There are many varieties of this process to choose from, the time taken for doing these is also not much. Your skin specialist will be the best person to guide you in choosing what suits best for your skin.

  • Fillers

They do need to be injected into the skin but are far away from getting a surgery done. A person skilled in this field will help you in taking out fine lines and add fullness or even in reshaping your nose by this process of filler. There are many kinds of fillers from hyaluronic acid based on collagen and synthetic polymer. Ask your specialist what will suit you better.

  • Microdermabrasion

Hailed as ‘quick facelift’, this process makes use of spraying small grains to brush away any indications of aging by activating an injury response into the skin, which causes the body to respond the skin which was cleared away with a much smoother, youthful looking skin.

  • Botox

Botox is one of the most popular of all methods used for anti-aging nonsurgical treatment involving injecting a botulinum toxin which has been thinned by adding water. It works by obstructing the indication which tells the muscles to contract or cause the skin near eyes or forehead to wrinkle.

  • Titan

Titan skin refreshment is an invisible laser treatment using light to activate new collagen growth inside the skin’s surface.

  • Thread Lift

This is also called suture lift or stitch lift. The thread is used in the process, to lift skin out of eyebrows, midrace, cheeks, and also from the neck. Thread lifts are made to use and can be performed using a local anesthetic. There is no need for using bandages.

All the methods used are alternatives and great in making your skin look wow.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Breast Implants

Pros And Cons Of Different Types of Breast Implants

If you are one who is not happy with your breast and are planning to get your breast augmentation surgery done, then it is possible that many thought processes must be going on in your mind. Hence, I have come to your rescue with all the knowledge that I have acquired, through reading books or online, I have drafted this small blog for your help, so go ahead and go through this and in case of any further queries you can comment below, we are more than delighted to help our valuable readers:

Mammary Crease

This can be found below the breast, in the fold or crease, the place where the breast meets the chest. If a mammary crease is made, a breast implant can be fitted above or below the intimate muscle. Surgeons advise women for getting  mammary fold to give a cut because since it is placed close  to breast it allows doctors  for controlling bleeding in a much better way  ( in case of any) during the surgery)

In case you plan of changing the size of implants in the future, the mammary cut will not be reused, and a different one will have to be made. It also proves damaging to milk ducts.  Hence not suitable for younger mom’s who wish to breastfeed their babies.


This is gaining fame by women who want smaller implants. Since the armpit has a natural fold or crease, it makes it easy for surgeons to make the cut, make a medium to the breast area, and then proceed for the implant. Many women also prefer this to other surgeries, because there is no touching of breasts and since no touching is involved, there is no scar. But, a transmural or transaxillary cannot be reused, so in case of any second breast augmentation is needed in future, a new incision will have to take place.

Tuba Breast Augmentation

A transumbilical incision (TUBA) is a very popular incision implant and is done by giving insertions via navel which goes to breast, after which they are puffed up. This is preferred by patients because the scar which is there is not seen, since it is under the abdomen, but many surgeons advise against doing this because it has to be worked much away from breasts, which makes it difficult to get natural results.

Does Liposuction Remove Fat Cells completely from your body?

Does Liposuction Remove Fat Cells completely from your body

Liposuction is gaining all the important worldwide, and all for logical reasons. Liposuction is a very fast fat removal surgery, the results it gives are immediate, the unwanted fat in the body which is kept in isolated places doesn’t take long to go. Even those individuals who keep themselves prim and prom also resort to fat removal surgery in order to remove inflexible fat deposits, which have no effect of exercising or dieting.

Liposuction Helps In Removing Fat

There are different liposuction surgeries used by doctors and medical centers, but the main aim of all of them is to focus on a single aim, which is to eradicate fat cells from desired body parts of the body. All the liposuction methods use a cylinder tube along with suctioning apparatus to take out the fat from body parts. Also, do remember that liposuction helps in permanently removing fat cells from the body.

The fat after going through liposuction surgery does not return back, but the patient’s weight has to be constant and should not increase.

Even a slight weight gain can counterattack the results, the complete enhanced body shape which is gained after liposuction will be visible and treated body parts have a lesser amount of fat cells.

The best way to keep the results of liposuction surgery for the longest time to come is by, keeping a balance weight. Here are mentioned some tips which can be incorporated in one’s day to day life:

  • Regular Work Out
  • Have Small Meals All Through The Day
  • Follow All Instructions Given By Your Surgeon
  • Drink Plenty Of Water
  • Aim On Reducing Calorie Intake, Have A Diet Rich In Protein And Carbohydrates
  • Do Not Skip A Meal


Is Massaging After Breast Augmentation a Wise Choice?

Is Massaging After Breast Augmentation a Wise Choice

The aftermath of a breast augmentation process should be one that feels comfortable and refreshed. An escalation should not by any chance feel hard, knotty and neither should it feel like it has been shifted from its place. But, sadly there are many times when a scar tissue takes place near the pocket, or seal, which has the breast implant all held up. In case this happens, the embed can be hard, which is known as capsular contracture.

Capsular Contracture can be divided into the following:

1. The breast seems to be very soft and looks to be normal, the capsule is also flexible.

2. Breast might look normal, but is hard when touched.

3. The breast is hard, has some curve or the implant may be tilted.

4. The breast is all the more hard.

The surgery depends upon the condition of your pain and discomfort. For patients having # 1and # 2 issues, breast massage might help. This means gently moving the implants around breasts in a circular manner. This can help the capsule in getting bigger, thus giving more space to implant.

For patients suffering from # 3 and #4, breast augmentation surgery is the only solution. In the capsulotomy process, scar tissue is taken out, which leave more space for the capsule. Capsulectomy requires taking out the whole capsule along with implants.

Is Massaging Right or Wrong?

The insusceptible system in our body, post breast augmentation surgery reacts to foreign material present in the chest. The body is then constructed a “capsule” near both breast implants. The capsule is construed out of interlinked collagen fibers.Many times the so-called capsule becomes very stretched over time.

While this occurs, the collagen ‘fabric’ near the implant reduces in size because of accumulation in fibers. The tightening further pinch the implant, which makes it feel hard and also creates a ‘do not touch’ situation.

To prevent this from occurring, your surgeon is very likely to advise you to do a massage of the breasts, especially during the first few months after surgery.

Massage helps a great deal in preventing the capsule from getting hard.


Hence we saw that people are going after doing Mammaplasty, or augmentation surgery, in order to have a bigger size of breasts or change the shape or the texture of the same. The surgery suits someone while too many others it causes a disaster.

When Is It Normal To Worry About Breast Lumps?

When Is It Normal To Worry About Breast Lumps

It is obvious to get afraid when our hand gets freeze while conducting the monthly breast self-exam mostly under the shower and we found a lump as we had many odds in our mind about Skin Tumors.

If you have a lump in your breast then there is nothing to get panic about it as more than 50% of breast lumps are just benign means do not sign of breast cancer. Especially if the female is younger than 40 years then the chances of having noncancerous lumps are more, even in the later age it is not obvious that lump is cancer.

Now the biggest question about the breast lumps, is that how we can know that they are cancer or benign? Let us discuss all facts about breast lumps in detail

How To Differentiate Cancer And Benign Breast Lumps?

Breasts are made up of fat, nerves and the blood vessels along with the fibrous connective tissue, glandular tissue and intricate milk producing a system of lobules and ducts. This entire anatomy of the female breast in and of itself creates a lumpy and uneven terrain due to which females get perfect shape of the breast.

When you observe any other lump in your breast then definitely it would be different from this background of normal irregularities means from the lumpy shape of the breast.  If the breast is having a lump that is benign then it can be soft, fluid-filled and rolling lumps like the grape and it can be of pea size and even sometimes smaller than a pea. The larger size of benign lumps is very rare.

Opposite to that size of the breast cancer lumps can be different in different patients depending on the stage of cancer. It is the biggest difference between the benign and cancer lumps. Even the cancer lumps cannot move like the benign lumps as are rooted in your breasts.

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between the benign and cancer lumps on the basis of their movement then only the experience, knowledge and skill of the doctor along with the reports of special medical tests like mammogram, ultrasound, and fine needle aspiration can clear your doubts about these breast lumps.

Another factor for differentiating the benign and cancer lumps is the pain as the most of cancer lumps come with pain but the benign lumps do not. However in this case also there can be some exceptions.

All in all, if you found any breast lump then go for a professional checkup and choose accordingly Skin Tumors Treatment if you are having the cancer lump in your breast.

How Depression And Hair Fall Linked To Each Other?

How depression and hair fall linked to each other

In this fast-moving world, due to the negligence in taking care of health, illness has been encircling to today’s generation. Depression, anxiety, social disorder seems to be common in millennial. The physical and emotional sensation that something bad might happen to them is perpetuating so much in their mind that they are not able to observe subtle moments of happiness in their life.

So it’s no surprise, recent studies have declared millennial especially women, the most depressive generation in history.

The major illness found in women is Alopecia (Hair Loss). Female pattern hair loss which usually has a strong genetic connection means that it can be inherited from either the mother or father is found among almost 6 out of 10 women.

Another roost common reason of hair fall or hair loss is of using various chemical products that might be poisonous for delicate hair.Sometimes hair fall reaches to the extent of baldness which becomes a matter of serious issue. It typically refers to excessive hair loss within the scalp. Heredity is also likely responsible reason for the common cause of baldness. Not only women, but men are also facing hair fall problems as they are stepping into their early thirties.It can be stated due to the fact of spending overtime at work or taking the stress.

Apart from these causes,this problem is also generated in men due to heredity and genetic cause. Men who are being more inclined towards baldness are visiting doctors. In all this chaos, there has been an indisputable increase in the hair transplant surgery, which is a process of transferring one part of the hair to the area where baldness is noticing.The part of the body from where hair is taken is known as donor site which is usually hairier and recipient area is what which receives the hair or where hair fall has occurred.

In order to reduce stress and clinical depression, people are taking medications and these medications act as a controller of hormones in a human’s body.Some anti-depressants are such that they elevate growth of adrenaline and dopamine hormones in person’s brain which helps the individual to become happy.

Instead of using these medications or undergoing hair loss treatment it is better to measure some precautions. Execute your lifestyle such that you will get more time to make your health first priority. Do some exercise or join any social club which will help your mind to stop brooding over minor things. Adapt those activities in your life which will induce you to become a healthier person if needed, try to open up about depression in front of your family and close friends.