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A Look At Canthoplasty Fact File

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    There are various surgical procedures which can restore hair on our balding head, make our tummy firm and even pin up our drooping neck. So can modifying facial features be left behind in any way? Our eyes reflect old age sooner than other body parts. Stress, aging, poor lifestyle habits can manifest in the form of drooping lower lids or eye bags. Well, these can be rectified by opting for the surgical procedures like Canthoplasty.

    Canthoplasty eye treatment is a surgical procedure which can be conjoined with a cosmetic eyelid surgery. It could also be used as a reconstructive surgery in case the eyelid needs support. While this surgery can alone make anesthetic difference to your eyelid, it can rejuvenate the appearance. It can be used to effectively treat the condition known as eyelid malposition(a condition in which the lower eyelid might be turned in or out). The malposition may be of two kinds – ectropion and entropion. While ectropion refers to the condition of the lower eyelid turning out, entropion refers to the condition of the lower eyelid turning in. Both the conditions result in the exposure of eyes, dryness and excessive exposure of the white area beneath the iris. It can also lead to infections and abrasions in the cornea. Such a condition can be treated by Canthoplasty.

    The surgery is usually a part of lower eyelid reconstruction surgery. It focuses on the outer area of the eyelid which is the meeting point of the upper and the lower eyelids.

    Canthoplasty is a more invasive procedure as compared to canthopexy. The surgery involves cutting through the muscle in the concerned area, detaching the tendon from the bone which is situated at the side of the eye socket. This is followed by the shortening of the lateral canthal tendon. The internal structure of the lower lid is pulled up and again attached to the orbital rim at an appropriate height.

    Before you opt for the surgery, the doctor will analyze the structure and anatomy of your eyelids.He will also study your facial structure. After a detailed study and a diagnosis of the reasons that led to the sagging or drooping of eyelids or bags under the eyes, he will decide the course of treatment he will take.

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