Facetite is a cosmetic procedure that is capable of giving instant lift to the face skin while eliminating natural flaws such as saggy skin or loose skin on the forehead, around the eyes, chin, cheeks and neck. In this procedure modern radio-frequency technology is used which focuses on subcutaneous tissue and the skin for tissue repair as a result well toned and tight skin.

As the procedure goes on the patients starts to feel skin tightening that not only looks better but feels good as well. The repair/remodelling can take upto 3 months and final result can be seen within 6 months. It is a onetime non-invasive procedure that takes place under the affect of local anaesthesia which means patient can resume his schedule shortly after the procedure. However, wearing a compression garment is necessary to support the treated area.

Our cosmetic surgeons offer effective treatment protocols using state of art technology capable to treat Facetite for malar festoons. After 6 weeks the patient will be able to experience new collagen and you will see a continuous improvement. Results from Facetite will last up to about five years. You can consider Facetite with other skin tightening procedures for rejuvenated and younger looking skin.

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